North River Global consulting services are always about enhancing your company’s value.  At North River Global we strongly believe in building a long term relationship with our clients.  North River Global will work side by side with your company to solve complex business problems and enhance the performance of your company.
North River Global will develop strategies that are realistic, actionable and cost effective.  We will review your current business operations from planning and systems integration to office activities, and help you improve profitability, productivity and management effectiveness.
Our consulting services include but are not limited to:
          Financial performance services
          Forensic services & litigation support
          Valuation and transfer pricing
          Risk & compliance services
          Specialty services



North River Global provides the following accounting services:


Financial Statement Preparation

Income statement

          Balance sheet statement
          Cash flow statement
          Statement of retained earnings
Tax Preparation
          Quarterly payroll taxes
          Corporate tax returns
          Individual tax returns
          Strategic tax planning
          Sales tax processing
Cost Accounting
          Standard costing
          Activity based costing
          Track expenses by job project or client
          Track payroll by job project or client
          Track revenue by job project or client
Month/Year End Closing
          Analyze income and expense accounts
          Prepare adjusting entries
          Bank reconciliation
          Prepare trial balance for financial statement preparation
Other Accounting Services
          Budgeting
          Inventory analysis
          Inventory control
          Fixed asset management
          Overhaul existing accounting systems
          Accounting system set up
          Implement internal control procedures
          Audit of internal procedures


North River Global provides the following bookkeeping services:

Accounts Payable
 Check writing
 Invoice posting
 Imaging & filing
 Tracking
 Aging
 Year end 1099’s

Accounts Receivable
 Invoicing
 Statements
 Payment processing
 Interest and late payment fee posting adjustments
 Late notices
 Aging
 Collections

 Check writing
 New hire reporting
 Tax reporting
 Workers compensation reporting

Other Booking Services
 Account reconciliation
 Bank reconciliation
 Payroll tax returns


Individuals and businesses face complicated financial and legal decisions from tax record keeping, estate/business succession issues, and investment choices.  North River Global brings exceptional knowledge and service to our clients, which include business owners, professionals, and individuals.
North River Global provides personal financial planning services, including tax preparation and arrangements for education and retirement savings, assistance with income and estate planning as well as family office services.
North River Global focuses on a client-centered planning process in where we review business assets, investment fund and personal situations before making any recommendations. Working together, we can find the best strategies to reduce your tax liabilities and grow your assets.
Our private client services include but are not limited to:
          Personal Financial Planning
          Estate & Succession Planning
          Retirement Planning
          Wealth Management



In the market today, it isn’t enough to just reduce your tax liability; you need a trusted advisor to help you achieve your financial goals. North River Global can not only assist you with your tax returns but also provide expert advice regarding the full spectrum of your financial situation to maximize your wealth.
North River Global provides year-round tax management. We are constantly monitoring new and pending tax laws at the federal, state and local levels, assessing what those developments mean for you and your businesses, allowing you to make fluid decisions to optimize your income for both: Short term strategic planning: Whether you’re personally changing, expanding or reorganizing your business, we can help you structure your finances so that your transactions and new ventures are pursued in the most tax advantageous manner possible.
Long term strategic planning: Our tax service can help you define the right overall tax position to save money and meet your larger goals.
Our tax services include but are not limited to:

          Tax compliance
          Specialty tax services
          Due diligence
          Employment tax issues